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We are the Friends of Penn State Crew.

Hi! We love Penn State Crew, and we hope that's why you're here, too.  We foster our love of Penn State Crew by:

  • Connecting with alumni via email and on our Instagram and Facebook pages

  • Organizing alumni events including races, regatta tents, and reunions

  • Providing a professional networking space via our LinkedIn page (because we're all adults now and can't just sit at the crew table in the HUB or on the patio at Cafe 210 all day)

  • Giving financial support to the current Penn State Crew Club

Meet the Friends of Penn State Crew Board

Helen Gallagher '13


Jenn Austin '09

Vice President

Greg Shoup '99


Jen Steinhardt '09


John Dixon '07

Consulting Board Member

Conor Fearon '15

Consulting Board Member

Benjamin Harris '20

Consulting Board Member

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