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Head of the Occoquan - Race Recap

This was also our first “away” regatta where we got to travel out of PA and into another region of teams, some familiar and some new. This also provided the opportunity to race on a different course, other than the Schuylkill. The Occoquan 5k course is wider for more competitive racing but also has few tight turns that require proper planning and focus from the coxswains to led lead the rowers around the rivers’ bends.

Varsity Women

With another tough week against a numerous varsity programs, the Varsity Women showed they have what it takes to keep up with the best of them. The Lightweight 8 was again the top performer this week finishing 14th overall and just behind Pitt and U of Cincinnati amongst club teams. Later in the day the Lightweights had a repeat performance in the 4s finishing 15th overall. This was another great week of performance from our small but mighty group of women.

Varsity Men

Even with a trip to Virginia, the men’s team still had to battle St Joseph’s U and Delaware, along with some top notch club program (George Mason, VCU, and Pitt). Even with some new lineup changes and even some novice filling seats in the 3V, the men still showed they have some fight in them. Finishing 20th in the Men’s 8 event they looked to the 4s event later in the day to really show their speed. Both 4s rowed well and stayed pretty close together finishing 11th and 16th overall.

Novice Women

Seeing the competition the Varsity Women were facing the Novice women knew it would be tough racing but up for the challenge. Starting off in Novice 4s, both boats had the potential to be inside the top 10. One crew exceeded that landing 5th overall. Our second boat had a top 10 time but was assessed a 60 second penalty and landed 14th. They were a bit disappointed but rowed a great race. Later they moved into 8s and were looking to once again break into the top 10. Starting towards the back on the pack, they had a lot of boats to chase. This worked in their favor as it landed them in 7th place.

Novice Men

The Novice Men were coming off of a pretty good performance at Head of the Schuylkill and were looking to cap of the fall season on a high note. The morning started off with two 4s (Open and Lightweight) and both finished very well, 4th and 9th. After their race was over, they barely had time to enjoy the results before they were hands again to race in the 8 event. Still recovering from their first races, they rowed well and fought hard against the other crews. In a close race, they finished 11th, just 1.2 seconds from a top 10 spot.

To say it was an exciting day on the Occoquan Reservoir would be an understatement. It was great weather, great athletes, and great racing all day. With the team as large as it currently is, we are one of the bigger groups everywhere we travel. Including parents and alumni, we are sight to be seen. Along with that, every day we are taking the necessary steps to be the Championship team we see ourselves as. Even for those that have been on the team for 4 years (and have had 4 different coaches) it is great to see them each workout, leading the team with their attitude and guiding everyone to be better than the day before. The Novice squads have clearly taken to the sport of rowing and are forging their path to success. Having this early success in the fall will only drive them to find future success for years to come.

Thank you to everyone who helped support Penn State Crew this fall. It is with your time and effort that we were able to enjoy a successful fall racing season.

Head of the Occoquan - Race Results

Collegiate Men’s 8 - 20th, 26th, 30th of 30

Collegiate Women’s 8 - 18th, 25th, 30th of 31

Novice Men’s 4 - 4th and 9th of 16

Novice Women’s 4 - 5th and 14th of 22

Novice Men’s 8 - 11th of 20

Novice Women’s 8 - 7th and 18th of 23

Men’s Collegiate 4 - 11th and 16th of 32

Women's Collegiate 4 - 15th and 24th of 31

Full Race Results here:

Check out all of our photos:

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