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Army Match Race Schedule

Join us at West Point for our annual match race against Army on April 23rd!


Caufield Rowing Center, West Point, New York 10996

Tentative Schedule

0830: MV8 - Army, PSU

0845: WV8 - Army, PSU

0900: MJV8 - Army, PSU

0915: WN8 - Army, PSU

0930: MN8 - Army, PSU

0945: M2N8 - Army, PSU

1000: Open

1015: WV4 - Army A, Army B (double), PSU A, PSU B

1030: MV4 - Army A, Army B (double), PSU (double)

1045: WN4 - Army A, Army B (double), PSU A

1100: MN4 - Army A (double), Army B (double), PSU A, PSU B (double)

1145: Awards Ceremony

1200-1300: Joint BBQ Army & Penn State, Boathouse Deck

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