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Consider Supporting the Team 

Penn State Club Crew is a student-run club sports program of dedicated athletes. Our rowers commit themselves to this team six days a week, waking up as early as 5:00 a.m. to get on the water and go to work. We don’t just row for fun, we row to remain competitive when racing against other varsity and club programs along the East Coast and throughout the country. To give us the best chance when racing against university-funded programs, we prioritize our training. This means paying for a coaching staff and having enough equipment to ensure all our rowers can improve every day. Aside from our coaching fees, paying to attend each race is a financial burden in itself that falls onto the shoulders of our rowers. We continuously hope to raise money to take the financial responsibility of maintaining and sourcing equipment for our athletes.


One way to support the team is by participating in a Rent-a-Rower. Rent-A-Rower is a service provided by our team as a way to earn money and help local residents. Our motivated student-athletes can assist you with your household or office projects in the State College Area for $20 per hour, per person. These services can include yard work, painting, and small moving projects. 

Rent-a-Rower Inquiry 

Thank you for your support!



We are a young but devoted organization founded by students with a passion for rowing as a competitive sport at Penn State.  Our program started with the purchase of one rowing shell, and over the last 25 years, has grown to a fleet.  Our current roster is comprised of 3 coaches and around 50 dedicated rowers and coxswains, who travel up and down the East Coast to represent Penn State University in competition against other programs during our fall and spring seasons.

Any and all donations to our team would be greatly appreciated by our current and future athletes, coaches, and fans!  Your generosity and support will help us achieve our goals and elevate the Penn State Club Crew team to new levels of success.

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